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Draft: New Jet package JetToolHelpers

Sebastian Tapia Araya requested to merge stapiaar/athena:Add_JetToolHelpers into main

Adding new Jet package "JetToolHelpers" which includes the first work version of the JetCommonFramework the new package "JetToolHelpers" is also added as part of all Projects

The package is a common framework to read information from xaod::jet or other, histograms (TH1/2) and text files. It will be used as a unified way to read the information by the JetTools, like JetCalibTools. The next step will be to re-write such tools using the helpers implemented in this MR.

here is the latest presentation in JetEtMiss meeting,

tagging JetEtMiss experts, @mswiatlo @bhodkins @delsart @fballi @camacho

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