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Infrastructure for Machine Learning inference with ONNX Runtime

Xiangyang Ju requested to merge xju/athena:mr_onnx_onetool into main

This MR regroups the existing OnnxRuntime packages into an Onnx-specific package located at Control/AthOnnx. Breakdown of the changes.

  • The new Onnx package implementation can be found in commit 61a8f24f. Accordingly, the ONNX example and GNN tracking are updated in the commit c3bf27d9.

  • A small change in Control/AthenaConfiguration/python/ to include the ONNX flags so that users can easily configure Onnx backends: here

  • Remove the two packages that are no longer needed: Control/AthOnnxruntimeService and Control/AthOnnxruntimeUtils, see 0ac0c9a2. Because a couple of other packages are using the Control/AthOnnxruntimeService, keep it for now and update the Onnx inference in another MR.

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