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[ATR-28687] eFEX Tau algorithm switch and new EDM naming convention for L1 tau RoIs

David Reikher requested to merge taul1ml/athena:main-efex-tau-algo-switch into main

The L1_eTauRoI/L1_eTauBDTRoI naming convention for tau RoIs produced by the heuristic/BDT algorithms, respectively was changed to L1_eTauRoI/L1_eTauRoIAlt. A switch was added to the configuration to select which algorithm is the active one and which is the alternative.

The change was tested by running a derivation on a data file with either BDT or Heuristic set to active and verifying the algorithm version bit in the TOBs in subsequent analysis code running on the derivation.

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