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Remove legacy sim config main

WIP Testing removal of legacy configuration for simulation, HITS merging and HITS filtering.

After the clean-up there are a number of package containing only unused code (no clients in CA-configuration):

  • LArCalorimeter/LArG4/LArG4FastSimSvc
  • LArCalorimeter/LArGeoModel/LArGeoH62004Algs
  • MuonSpectrometer/MuonG4/NSW_Sim
  • Simulation/G4Extensions/G4HitFilter
  • Simulation/G4Utilities/G4ProfilingTools
  • Simulation/ISF/ISF_Geant4/ISF_Geant4CommonServices
  • Simulation/ISF/ISF_Tracking/ISF_TrackingTools
  • TileCalorimeter/TileG4/TileAncillary/DeadMaterial
  • TileCalorimeter/TileG4/TileAncillary/CombinedScintillator
  • TileCalorimeter/TileG4/TileAncillary/LarCrate
  • TileCalorimeter/TileG4/TileAncillary/PhantomCalorimeter

These should be followed up separately to see if they still need to remain in the release.

Edited by John Derek Chapman

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