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adjust MM latency for data

Patrick Scholer requested to merge pscholer/athena:adjustMMLatency into main

In studies of the impact of the magnetic field on the MM resolution we have realized that the B-Field correction is overcorrecting the position of the clusters (see slides). The reason is that the time window/latency is not properly adjusted in the reconstruction. In the long term, we will deploy a per channel calibration but for now we would like to adjust the overall latency applied equally to all channels. This will change the output of data reconstruction but does not have an impact on the MC reconstruction. Tagging @iodice @rosati @lucam @stavrop @kluit for the muon side and @jdandoy @jcatmore @nstyles @christos @jchapman concerning the expected output changes. Since this is kind of a conditions update I hope it can still go into rel 24.

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