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Add new tools and CA configurations for GNN Tracking

Xiangyang Ju requested to merge xju/athena:mr_gnn_ca into main

This MR is a follow-up development of !65535 (merged) and made the following changes:

  • Add a new tool IGNNTrackReaderTool that reads track candidates from CSV files
  • Add the GNNTrackReaderTool to SiSPGNNTrackMaker so that it can use either GNNTrackReaderTool or SiGNNTrackFinderTool. But only one tool should be set.
  • Add CA configurations for the package InnerDetector/InDetGNNTracking
  • Introduce a new tracking reconstruction chain GNNChain for ITk tracking reconstruction.
  • Fix a small issue in OnnxRuntimeInferenceTool.h

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