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Draft: CPAlgs config: programmatic config, enforce order, convert to YAML

Provides a interface to programmatically configure the CP algs. There is not a significant difference between using the ConfigFactory and the ConfigBuilder. The main difference between the two is that the you configure the builder and not a config sequence.

Internally, the class creates a dictionary representation of the text configuration and passes this to the text configuration class. This allows the configuration generated to be saved as a YAML file that can be used by the text configuration and enforces the order the cp algs are configured in.

Decouples configuring config blocks from the underlying code. If there is a change in the ConfigBlock, ConfigSequence, etc., this will not affect users that use the ConfigBuilder or the text configuration.

All options and their values can be passed when calling addBlock. This reproduces the functionality of most of the make functions without the extra code for each block. Options can also be set one at a time for the last block added using setOptionValue.

Edited by Joseph Earl Lambert

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