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TauAntitauJetOR or for H(bb)H(tt)

Philipp Rincke requested to merge princke/athena:tauantitauORForbbtt into main

Dedicated OR tools for many chases are already part of athena, and anti-tau selections are intertwined with the overlap removal procedure. But, the specific need to selected the final anti-tau objects from all preselected candidates is not covered in the dedicated tool, therefore the tool that handles OR for anti-taus is now expanded to perform the OR. The analysis package decorates suitable anti-tau candidates based on criteria as:

  • non-ID tau
  • above a minimum tau ID cut
  • trigger matching for events selected by a tau trigger

In the OR the overlap between taus and b jets is handled first, then the overlap between anti-tau decorated tau objects and b jets. After this, the selection is performed based on the pseudorandom event number. In events where trigger matching is possible, the trigger matching already checked as a condition for the decoration. In the final step the ovelerap between the selcted anti-taus and the light flavor jets is handled.

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