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Reducing MinHits for FTF trigger ITk implementation

Elliot Watton requested to merge ewatton/athena:ewatton_TrigITkFTF_MinHits into 24.0

This changes FTF to process RoIs which have at least 3 spacepoints for the trigger implementation for running on an ITk dataset. This is to match that for running FTF as an offline algorithm in TrigFastTrackFinder/ITkFastTrackFinderStandaloneConfig. This is seen to improve the efficiency in the barrel region for muon RoIs when running locally on a smaller number of events compared to the ITk tests in TrigInDetValidation. This should not affect Run 3 due to the condition based on ITk geometry.

Targetting 24.0 to ensure that trigger packages don't get out of step. This change will eventually be swept to main.

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