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B-physics trigger: move bDimu2700 trigger chains from Dev_pp_run3_v1 to Physics_pp_run3_v1 (ATR-28779)

Vladimir Lyubushkin requested to merge lyubushk/athena:bDimu2700 into 24.0
  • remove sigmaLxy5 cut from menu (it doesn't decrease rate very much)
  • do not use L1BPH-2M9-2DR15-2MU5VF, L1BPH-2M9-0DR15-MU5VFMU3V and similar L1Topo for bDimu2700 due to M cut at L1Topo
  • add corresponding bJpsimumu_sigmaLxy3 chains needed for reference (no additional rate or CPU will be used)

CC @abarton @ponyisi @agentry @lidiaz @astruebi

Edited by Vladimir Lyubushkin

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