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VP1: fix more warnings and UI issues

Edward Moyse requested to merge emoyse/athena:origin/fix-ATLASVPONE-659_2 into main

This follows on from !69144 (merged) and fixes the following problems, as reported in ATLASVPONE-659:

  • VisAttributes::add Warning: Found transparency value different from 0 in material IPTvol
    • Here we just suppress the warning, since it doesn't seem like it's really a problem
  • VisAttributes::add ERROR: Material Peek already added!
    • Some materials were really duplicated
  • QLayout: Attempting to add QLayout "" to QWidget "IParticleCollectionSettingsForm", which already has a layout
    • The way it was done before was not correct - you cannot assign two UIs to the same widget. I would normally prefer to do it all in Designer by 'promoting' a widget to our custom type, but this would be a more signficant re-write so I think the fix here is fine)

It also removes a lot of debugging output that shouldn't be there, and I noticed that there was a duplicated (and non-functional) widget in the track collections settings.

The only remaining part of ATLASVPONE-659 is now:

  • VP1MESSAGE [VP1Deserialise]: ERROR: Handled widget more than once: Type=QCheckBox, name=checkBox_cut_minpt

Unfortunately this is very hard to fix, and so I will need to come back to it.

This MR only affects VP1, and so is not a problem for production.

cc @rbianchi @christos @ncalace

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