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Add L1BTAG-MU3VjJ40 seeded muon + bjet chains and the corresponding validation support chains to physics

Liaoshan Shi requested to merge lshi/athena:l1topo-mujet into 24.0

Add L1Topo muon + bjet chains seeded by L1BTAG-MU3VjJ40 to Physics (ATR-24698):

  • HLT_mu4_j35_0eta290_020jvt_boffperf_pf_ftf_dRAB04_L1BTAG-MU3VjJ40
  • HLT_mu4_j45_0eta290_020jvt_boffperf_pf_ftf_dRAB04_L1BTAG-MU3VjJ40
  • HLT_mu6_j60_0eta290_020jvt_boffperf_pf_ftf_dRAB04_L1BTAG-MU3VjJ40

Move a legacy chain from MC menu to Physics menu for L1Calo validation:

  • HLT_mu4_j45_0eta290_020jvt_boffperf_pf_ftf_dRAB04_L1MU3V_J15

Fix the L1 seed of the following chains according to ATR-28761: HLT_mu4_j35_0eta290_020jvt_boffperf_pf_ftf_dRAB04_L1MU3V_jJ40 HLT_mu4_j45_0eta290_020jvt_boffperf_pf_ftf_dRAB04_L1MU3V_jJ40 HLT_mu6_j60_0eta290_020jvt_boffperf_pf_ftf_dRAB04_L1MU3V_jJ40

This should build a full validation path L1MU3V_J15 -> L1MU3V_jJ40 -> L1BTAG-MU3VjJ40.

The remaining mu6+j100 chain will be addressed in a separate MR when the L1Topo threshold is confirmed.

Tag: @biliu @vvecchio @astruebi @lidiaz @lbeemste

Edited by Liaoshan Shi

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