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MuonReadoutGeometry - Streamline the caching flags & fix B-Lines

Johannes Junggeburth requested to merge jojungge/athena:MdtBline into 24.0

Moin everybody,

this MR is simplifying the cache filling logic of the R3 readout geometry and also unfortunately revealed a bug in the application of the B-Line parameters for the Mdts.

For the Mdts, the B-line parameters are conceptionally baked into the transform of the ReadoutElement. Following the paradigms of the ATLAS-EDM the transform needs to be cached, which is happening in the initCache() method. So, now the question is when has this method been invoked for the last time, it's when the A-Line parameters are set. In contrast, the update of the B-Lines only triggers the caching of the deformed transformation and not of the complete transformation which is fed to the surface. Essentially, the same conclusion holds for the as-built parameters. Alright, let's take a look at the order in which the alignment corrections are parsed:

  1. Mdt - As-built
  2. Nsw - As built
  3. A-Lines
  4. B-Lines

--> The B-Lines are not propagated to the surface transformation, but to the globalTubePositions as the corresponding transforms are recalculated at every function call

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