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ATR-28887: Avoid modifying retrieved CA in JetRecoSequencesConfig

Teng Jian Khoo requested to merge khoo/athena:24.0-TMMT-JetViewAlg into 24.0

Solving the longstanding (and basically harmless) mystery as to how the jetview_HLT_AntiKt10LCTopoJets_nojcalib_pt10 alg kept going missing between step configuration and full menu configuration.

An ill-conceived modification of the CA returned by StandardJetBuildSeq meant that this alg was situationally added to a sequence. The fact that we optimise the global HLT CA construction by selectively merging CAs on the basis of sequence name (assumed to be unique) meant that depending on the HLT menu ordering we could merge the version of the sequence that omitted this alg and then discard the version containing the alg.

Instead we now properly integrate this into a higher level CA, generating JetRecSeq_a10_nojcalib that will hold the view sequence, and ensure that JetBuildSeq_a10_tc_lcw_nojcalib is uniquely defined.

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