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cTAU algorithm upgrade - added eTAU rCore/BDT and rHad score cuts

Hopefully, this is the last change we need to add to the cTAU algorithm (ATR-28641).

This MR adds the eTAU rCore/BDT and rHad selections on the cTauMultiplicity L1Topo algorithm and in the RoI construction during the HLT Seeding. It's disabled by default, so that we don't introduce any immediate changes until the change is implemented in the L1Topo firmware, and the tuning is complete.

In the cTAU algorithm, we cannot cut on arbitrary values of the rCore/BDT and rHad scores, since they're not included in the eTAU TOB (only on the xTOB). We select the minimum eTAU WPs that the TOBs are required to pass (None, Loose, Medium, or Tight, each instead defined in the eTAU configuration) for each cTAU WP. We essentially copy the behavior of the eTauMultiplicity algorithm: e.g. eTAU_TOB_rCoreMin >= cTAU_eTAU_rCoreMin_WP (remember we are reusing on some parts of the existing code the rCore variable to hold the BDT score).

I also fixed the passing of isolation parameters to the Multiplicity algorithms: now we fetch the settings directly from the L1ThrExtraInfo_cTAU/jTAU objects, that we can retrieve from the L1Threshold_cTAU/jTAUs. This required also slightly tweaking the parameters in the jTauNoSort Athena implementation (we don't use yet anywhere in the Menu/Firmware, but the code is there nonetheless), but it's actually now closer to the L1Topo firmware implementation (and same as how we have the eTauNoSort, eEMNoSort, etc... implementations).

Tagging @rgugel, @thompson, @astruebi, @lidiaz, @gipezzul, @mashamim.

Edited by Jean Yves Beaucamp

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