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ConfigBlocks: update how options are set and remove make functions

All configurable parameters are now options.

Added features to each block and ConfigFactory so that all of the options can be set at the same time as the block is created in the same way as the make functions.

Removed all make functions that only act to set arguments since this can be done without any extra code now.

Code using the TextConfig, ConfigFactory or the block configuration using classes should be unaffected. Code that calls the make functions that where removed will need to be update (makeSomeConfig -> SomeBlock and no longer pass the seq).

To create the block and set all options using the factory:

from AnalysisAlgorithmsConfig.ConfigFactory import ConfigFactory
config = ConfigFactory()
configSeq += config.makeConfig('GeneratorLevelAnalysis',

Can also pass some this way and then set others individually like before.

To create the block and set all options using the blocks:

from AsgAnalysisAlgorithms.AsgAnalysisConfig import GeneratorAnalysisBlock
configSeq.append( GeneratorAnalysisBlock(
    runNumber=284500) )
Edited by Joseph Earl Lambert

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