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Draft: add option to patch bug in micromegas simulation when deriving muon trigger SFs

Valerio Ippolito requested to merge vippolit/athena:vippolit-mutrigsf into 24.0

This MR is meant to address, at the level of muon trigger SF retrieval, the bug in the micromegas simulation discussed in ATR-28607.

A configuration option (which by default is set to false) is added to the MuonTriggerScaleFactors tool. Whenever this option is activated, if an event is a MC event and if the MC run number (as emulated from the pileup reweighting tool) is a 2022 or 2023 run number then, instead of accessing the scale factors prepared for the corresponding periods of data taking - for example period F - the code accesses special maps prepared for period FX.

This implies that efficiency maps in the 2022 and 2023 files are duplicated for each period, and that the periods ending with X contain the efficiency map corresponding to the case in which the micromegas simulation bug is present.

The underlying approximation is that the check performed by the function MuonTriggerScaleFactors::hasMMbug() is accurate enough to discriminate the set of events which have no micromegas hits, and those which do.

Tagging @yoyamagu, and the muon trigger SF team (@ffabbri, @gwmyers, @syan and @nkyriaco). The MR is still in draft mode, as I am just exploring the technical feasibility of this solution - we still need to agree this is the best way to address the bug.

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