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FPGATrackSim -> xAOD conversion package

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Conversion of FPGATrackSim objects into xAOD.

The conversion algorithm Trigger/EFTracking/FPGATrkConverter/FPGAConversionAlgorithm.h is based on:

  • Trigger/EFTracking/FPGATrkConverter/FPGAClusterConverter.h : tool for FPGATrackSimHit / FPGATrackSimCluster -> xAODPixel/StripCluster conversion
  • Trigger/EFTracking/FPGATrkConverter/FPGAActsTrkConverter.h: tool for ActsTrk::ProtoTrack finding from FPGATrackSimClusters

The algorithm is scheduled in, if the Trigger.FPGATrackSim.doEDMConversion flag is set to True (default is False)

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