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MuonConfig: update RPC conditions override


This MR is a follow-up of !69714 (merged), it updates the treatment of RPC conditions for "/RPC/TRIGGER/CM_THR_ETA" and "/RPC/TRIGGER/CM_THR_PHI" folders, to prepare for MC23e and the upcoming HLT global tag. At the moment,

  • there is an override for MC which seems no longer needed: more recent tags are available in the MC global tag, e.g. OFLCOND-MC23-SDR-RUN3-02 contains RPCTriggerCMThrEta_RUN12_MC23_01 which should probably be used instead of the hardcoded RPCTriggerCMThrEta_RUN12_MC16_04
  • there is an override for data reprocessing using old offline tags, but there are more recent tags available for the HLT now, e.g. RPCTriggerCMThrEta_HLT-23-01 (ATLGBLCONDTAGS-76). Once the new HLT global tag is available, it will contain the relevant tags, and the override won't be needed anymore.

Tagging @sshaw , @khoo , @okumura , @yoyamagu , @vippolit .

I would be grateful if this could be reviewed by experts.

Cheers, Bertrand

Edited by Bertrand Martin Dit Latour

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