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Masking of TRT readout chips implemented in simulation - ATR-28372

Pawel Rybczynski requested to merge prybczyn/athena:chip_masking into 24.0

The main goal of this merge request is to introduce to the TrigT1TRT package a json file containing a list of readout chips for which the trigger signal is masked. This is an additional masking applied on top of the one that is specified in run conditions.

In the TrigT1TRT package the json file with the list of chips is added, and the readout of this file is implemented in TrigT1TRT.cxx and TrigT1TRT.h files. The name of the json file to be read out is added as a variable in and so that different maskings can be chosen in JobOptions when running the simulation.

Additionally a minor correction to the thresholds in file is applied.

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