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Draft: Remove initialisation with TauSelectionTool from TauEfficiencyCorrectionTool

Antonio De Maria requested to merge ademaria/athena:noseltooleffcorr into main

This MR is meant to remove the property of auto-configuring of the "TauEfficiencyCorrectionTool" passing a "TauSelectionTool" instance.

Instead of passing "TauSelectionTool" and determine the SF product automatically from it, a user should now use multiple instances of the TauEfficiencyCorrectionTool with the all intended corrections for TauID, reco, eVeto, etc

This has the advantage of:

  • avoiding calling an instance of one tool inside another one
  • flexibility to retrieve SFs for multiple WPs with the appropriate systematics for each single SFs instead of the product

Note: first iteration this might break some frameworks, but it's also useful to converge all to use the way to use these tools + align usage of TauCP tools to other CP groups

Tagging @martindl from TauCP side

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