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Draft: TrigT1CaloMonitoring: add simulation comparison for eFex xTOBs

Rhys Edward Owen requested to merge rhowen/athena:rhowen-eFEXxTobMon into 24.0

eFEX readout contains TOBs and xTOBs where TOBs are the 32b sorted and selected (highest Et) objects sent to L1Topo as inputs for the further trigger algorithms and are therefore sufficient to monitor the correctness of the trigger decision. xTOBs are captured before sorting and selection and use 64b to include more information. Previously the main difference was using a 25MeV lsb instead of 100MeV lsb for the energy, the new BDT eTAU tobs also contain the "RAW" 10b BDT score so provide a much stricter test of the algorithm than just checking the pass/fail bits.

This MR updates the EfexSimMonitorAlgorithm to compare the 64b word and then record this concatenated word in the mismatch tree used for diagnosing errors.

So far this option defaults to false and the previous behaviour of comparing TOB collections will be used unless the algo is explicitly configured with doXTobMon=True I am marking this as draft for now so we can discuss with @will and @thompson if we actually want to change the default behaviour. And what other downstream fixes might be needed after the change of the name/type of sim/data Words in the mismatch tree.

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