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Fixed clang warnings

Vakhtang Tsulaia requested to merge tsulaia/athena:main-clang1 into main
  • ActsDataPreparation/PixelClusteringTool: Unused function
  • ActsEventCnv/ActsToTrkConvertorAlg: Unused lambda capture
  • ActsTrackReconstruction/TrackFindingAlg: Reference cannot be bound to dereferenced null pointer in well-defined C++ code

CC @cvarni (could you please have a look at the TrackFindingAlg fix in particular)

  • FPGATrackSimHough/FPGATrackSimHough1DShiftTool: Unused static functions

CC @jahreda

  • ISF_Event/ISFTruthIncident: delete called on non-final class that has virtual functions but non-virtual destructor

CC @jchapman

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