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Draft: Creating a new Rel21 derivation DAOD_BPHY27

Shion Chen requested to merge shion/athena:dev-DAOD_BPHY27 into 21.2

A new derivation is created for the Bell's inequality analysis using the flavor-entangled B0 meson pairs (ANA-BPHY-2021-01).

This is majorly based on BPHY22 with a minor modifications that:

  • The K/pi track pT threshold in the Kpi finder lowered from 900MeV to 450MeV. 
    • Accordingly, an option is added to JpsiFinder package to skip events with too many tracks. This is to circumvent too long processing time when there are >500 tracks in the event.
  • Event skim 
    • Before: >=1 reconstructed B-vertex
    • After: >=2 muon (pT>3GeV, |eta|<2.7)
  • MET collection added
  • A few truth collections are added 

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