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Fix ESD bug in assigning Dead Material hits

Christopher Young requested to merge cyoung/athena:24.0-ESD_DM_bug into 24.0

In ATLASSIM-6880 and ATLASSIM-7168 it was reported that in MC23 ESD samples there are several job failures that are due to unassigned dead material hits. This only affects ESDs with calibration hits which is why we haven't seen this in general MC23 production.

I have tracked this to two primary sources;

  1. hits which are just inside the zMaxBarrel (3164mm in the db) which should be assigned to inactive matter between EMB and scintillator. A margin of 10mm has been added to make these hits assigned correctly.
  2. hits with very low energy which have little impact. For hits with energy less than 1 MeV I have downgraded the ERROR to a WARNING.

Tests ( show that these appear to solve the issues. This should make no change to anything other than ESD samples with Calibration Hits. Therefore it would be nice to include this in the MC23e tag if possible. (Whether MC23a/d need to be fixed needs to be discussed).

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