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AFT-726: Let FTAG NNs use default values

Dan Guest requested to merge dguest/athena:defval into 24.0

We need a way to skip flavor tagging and insert default values instead. This reuses some ideas that we already use in the case where we put the b-tagging information directly on the jet (without relying on the BTagging object).

Unfortunately there's a lot going on here: I'm trying to keep the GNN working in two cases, tagging the Jet or tagging BTagging. The result is a bit of templated code.

The good news, though, is that (as currently implemented) there should be no changes to any outputs. Actually using the default values is for another merge request. That MR will probably have to target main because it's specific to derivations.

List of changes:

  • Sort out base classes for conditional decoration tools
  • Get a conditional BTagging decoration alg working.
  • Write another algorithm that adds a "use default" decroator
  • make sure the default values also include vector outputs
  • Bonus: small fix for the TrackTruthDecoratorAlg (disable track truth origin decorations if no tool is provided)
  • Port to 24.0
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