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Draft: GlobalSimulation - move towards using GlobalSim version of L1Topo Algorithms

Peter Sherwood requested to merge peter/athena:main-28681 into main

The current version of GlobalSim in the release demonstrates the DAG based approach while using L1Topo Algorithms implemented in the L1TopoSimulation packages

This version copies a small number of these Algorithms, and simplifies the class hierarchy. The essential calculations are left intact. Other functionality is obtained by passing in pointers to functionality-providing objects. In this manner, the Algorithms can be run with very little dependence on the surrounding framework.

Further functionality is has been added including running subgraphs, and running from a test InputEvent. These features are controlled using Property flags, and so can be modified from the python configuration code.

The names of files of the previously merged code have been modified to include the string "Historic". Reviewers may prefer to concentrate their effort on files without this term in the file name.


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