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Asymmetric di-photon trigger for HH->bbyy (ATR-29254)

Francesco Curcio requested to merge fcurcio/athena:TM-25Apr2024 into 24.0

Following the request discussed at the TGM (link), the following chain HLT_g45_medium_g20_medium_L1eEM40L_2eEM18L has been added to the Physics Menu

  • L1 Menu has been changed to include L1_eEM40L seed
    • Removed eEMSPARE2 from the list emVarThresholds_2bits
  • HLT Menu has been changed to include the HLT_g45_medium_g20_medium_L1eEM40L_2eEM18L chain
Edited by Francesco Curcio

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