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Draft: Fixes of the slow particle reconstruction

Johannes Junggeburth requested to merge jojungge/athena:MuGirlStau into main

Tagging @amulski, @salderwe, @ivivarel, @janders, @kdipetri

Impact on the main reconstruction chain has been tested using Particle gun events

Improvements have been nicely illustrated by @amulski


Changes in CPU time

Algorithm main [ms] patched [ms]
MuonInDetToMuonSystemExtensionAlg 46880 79792
MuonInDetToMuonSystemExtensionAlg_LRT 56940 95340
MuonInsideOutRecoAlg 88395 9960
MuonCombinedAlg 93904 91305
MuonCombinedAlg_LRT 29706 30243
MuGirlStauAlg 3184 7843
MuGirlAlg_LRT 73245 6013

Tagging: @christos, @jdandoy, @jcatmore, @jchapman for the offline-sw-review-approved label. Btw does there exist a ~"review-pending-sw-approval" label?

Targets: ATLASRECTS-7949

Edited by Johannes Junggeburth

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