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23.0 customary B field configuration

Sarka Todorova requested to merge todorova/athena:23.0-lowB_config into 23.0

The merge contains: a) steering flag for configuration of custom solenoid field scale in MC samples (MagFieldConfig/BField.configuredSolenoidFieldScale)

  • python configuration updates in G4AtlasServices + MagFieldServices
    b) propagation of solenoid field change (w.r.t. nominal) to the update of limits in tracking and digitization
  • the flag BField.configuredSolenoidFieldScale to be used to pass the known scale via job options for real data ( rather than rely on DB inputs which fluctuate slightly)
  • the scaling is propagated through tracking limit configuration ( TrkConfig )
  • its value is propagated via tool properties to seed makers, radiation damage calculation, TRT digitization ( InDetConfig, SiSpacePointsSeedTool_xk, PixelDigitization, TRT_Digitization )

The updates are meant to serve for MC production for, and reprocessing of, the special run 460348. The intent is to demand a release (23.0.X) to be built for that purpose.

p.s. as an alternative to (a) it was suggested the magnet setup should be stored in the database for MC and accessed via run number. That scheme is possible but does not look sufficiently flexible. Manipulations with field are very rare, and should they become interesting, the possibility to modify field without the need to update the database for MC studies is preferable (not speaking about difficulties to maintain the know-how for corresponding database folders).

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