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separate pileup removal algo from calratiovar ATR-28412,ATR-22696

Tatiana Ovsiannikova requested to merge tovsiann/athena:fix2 into 24.0

added separate hypo for pileup cluster removal for the Exotic Jets. One can add 0XXpileuprm0XX at the beginning of the chain to schedule that hypo. As an example "HLT_j20_059pileuprm072_j70_j50a_j0_DJMASS900j50dphi260x200deta_L1MJJ-500-NFF", where 0.72 is a low threshold and 0.59 is a high threshold for EMF of a given jet. For now, it doesn't change calratio and calratiovar algos. To be changed in the next MRs.

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