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Update AsgLeptonTrackSelectionAlg to write out d0 and z0sinTheta variables

Heather Russell requested to merge hrussell/athena:ttva_variable_addition into main

Replaces !69059.

  • Adds writeTrackD0Z0 to ElectronAnalysisConfig and MuonAnalysisConfig
  • Adds m_z0sinthetaDecoration and m_d0sigDecoration to AsgLeptonTrackSelectionAlg
  • Calculates the above variables even if a selection is not placed on them (i.e. if m_maxD0Significance or m_maxDeltaZ0SinTheta are False)
  • Add the variables + functionality to FullCPAlgorithmsTest

FYI @krumnack @tstreble @omajersk @tadej

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