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TrigT1NSWSimTools package cleanup pt.2

As a follow-up of !66704 (merged), removed unused classes and related files from the package:

  • MMT_Finder and MMT_Fitter classes, as there were no updates since roughly 2021. Removed output branches from debug flat ntuple
  • Completely refactoring of MMT_struct class: removed all the unused structures, functions, methods. They were leftovers of the old 21.3 athena branch, merged without a dedicated revision. In addition, this should fix ATR-29082
  • Removed references to the aforementioned structures from MMLoadVariables, MMTriggerTool and MMT_Diamond classes
  • MMLoadVariables class: simplified digit retrieval procedure by removing unneeded functions and arguments. This results in a simpler output structure, also thanks to the changes in the MMT_struct class

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