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Adding prescaled ditau triggers into matching list

Yimin Che requested to merge yche/athena:ditaumatchtriggers into main

HH->bbtautau analysis is looking into di-tau trigger calibration studies, including comparing several types of di-τ triggers that use different L1 seeds.

We noticed that trigger matching information is missing for three of the prescaled Run 2 di-τ trigger chains we need. We would like to request that this information be added to PHYS.

The triggers in question are:


These triggers have been added into run2ExtraMatchingTauTriggers.txt in this MR and have been tested with , here is the output:

 9.080 kb        0.864 kb        0.009 kb       10.506      100  TrigMatch_HLT_tau35_medium1_tracktwo_tau25_medium1_tracktwo_L1DR-TAU20ITAU12I (DataVector<xAOD::TrigComposite_v1>) [Trig]
11.743 kb        1.540 kb        0.015 kb        7.625      100  TrigMatch_HLT_tau35_medium1_tracktwoEF_tau25_medium1_tracktwoEF (DataVector<xAOD::TrigComposite_v1>) [Trig]
11.778 kb        1.572 kb        0.016 kb        7.491      100  TrigMatch_HLT_tau35_mediumRNN_tracktwoMVA_tau25_mediumRNN_tracktwoMVA (DataVector<xAOD::TrigComposite_v1>) [Trig]

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