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Draft: Adding new TLA End-Of-Fill (EOF) chains and removing obsolete DIPZ chains

Mohammed Aboelela requested to merge maboelel/athena:adding-eof-chains into 24.0

These changes are intended to edit the dev menu to do two things:

  1. Add new TLA EOF chains for the purposes of studying H->cc+ISRJet signature and exploring further additions of a DIPZ preselection on top of that to potenitally improve signal efficiency

  2. Remove unneeded DIPZ chains that were intended for the studying of the addition of a DIPZ preselection to the HH4b chains

Tagging @mmontell for TLA, @miochoa @pakontax for jet triggers, @lshi @boliu for bjet triggers, @dguest @kleney for DIPZ

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