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Skeleton for EFTracking Integration Targeting FPGA

Zhaoyuan Cui requested to merge zhcui/athena:EFTrk-Int-base into main

The EFTrackingFPGAIntegration package contains codes for the EFTracking integration developments of using the FPGA accelerator card in Athena environment. For the 2nd demonstrator, individual algorithms are/will be made for each FPGA kernel. For future demonstrators, algorithms of differnt pipelines will also be included in this package.

This MR includes the basic OpenCL-based skeleton and an individual algorithm for the Spacepoints kernel.

This package is a standalone WIP and this MR will not affect production and validation workflow. Codes in this package requires the OpenCL header and lib, which are not centrally provided. In case the necessary files are absent, this package will not be built. Current developments are performed in an EFTracking specified container. See README.

This is a split-up MR from the previous large MR !71738 (closed).

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