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Remove bugged HardScatterCollection (AGENE-2264)

Andrii Verbytskyi requested to merge averbyts/athena:lesssignalvertex3 into main

The HardScatter collection relies on the signal_vertex in the HepMC record to define the hard scattering particles. However, most of the MCEGs don't set that information. As a result the first ( random!) vertex is considered as signal vertex and filled with random information. Then the container is misinterpreted in the analysis.

That is a long-standing recommendation from the times of HepMC2->HepMC3 migration to never rely on the `signal_vertex' to derive any physics information.

@jchapman @pclark @dhirsch

Also related to AGENE-2264.

Also tagging @gwatts @ekourlit

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