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DRAW_TAULH selection for 2024 (ATR-29302)

Paul Thompson requested to merge thompson/athena:taulh-for-2024 into 24.0

As part of commissioning the Phase 1 tau triggers and decommissioning the legacy trigger system a derived DRAW data of lepton-hadron candidates is critical due to the performance issues observed in 2024 data. A reprocessing of a few long 2024 runs is planned and, ideally, will be added to the reconstruction (details to be discussed in data processing meetings etc.).

The TAULH dervived data is already set up and a test was made using 2023 data last year This was not so successful(too low yield) and the selection is debugged and fixed here. The fix required to have 2 kernels to deal with cyclic dependencies, with the fix proposed here The selection was tested on 2024 data and has a rate of 0.5% of physics main.

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