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AsgAnalysisConfig: Change PileupReweightingBlock if no files specified

Filip Nechansky requested to merge ATLAS-EGamma/athena:main-change-pu-block into main

If one does not specify files in the block configuration and calls the block for prw, config blocks lead to crash with following settings:

    configSeq.setOptionValue('.useDefaultConfig', False)

It crashes here because the dsid is not determined:

Here I fix it based on how it was done in the old prw sequence, simply skipping the part of the code so toolConfigFiles are not specified and prw is disabled. I am not sure that this is the best way to go about it, it could also just throw an error that such configuration is not valid (and locally I would just not call the block if no user prw is specified).

FYI I am not specifying files+flags because it would not be compatible with GridDriver ASAIK, so I just setup the config accumulator properties directly as is done e.g. here:

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