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Clean-up of obsolete package MuonCablingServers for TGC cabling

Junpei Maeda requested to merge junpei/athena:cleanTgcCabling_2024-06 into main

TgcCablingServerSvc class inherited from ITGCCabingServerSvc in TgcCablingInterface only remains in MuonCablingServers package. This inheriting was originally used for the several different cabling packages, such as TGC_cabling12. Migrating TgcCablingServerSvc class to MuonTGC_Cabling, I remove MuonCablingServers package for the software management.

This MR is also the start-point of updates for phase-II TGC cablings.

targets ATLASMCP-242

tagging @masato @okumura @ryamaguc and @jojungge

Edited by Junpei Maeda

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