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Tune Muon Phase-2 Hough transform

This tunes the muon Phase-2 hough transform to become a bit "greedier" in collecting hits. The changes include wider search spaces, 3-sigma instead of 1-sigma line widths for strip hits in the hough transform, and a fix to access the correct uncertainty for MDT hits in the hough. We also remove two outdated source files that have since been replaced by a dedicated package.

Benefits from the work by @pswallow in !72319 (merged) to improve hit collection efficiencies for the TGC and RPC from 60 to over 90%. Also improves the phi-extension efficiency to 99.99% except for the BO chambers, which need further work in future MRs. CC @jojungge @syan a.k.a. team Houghidipuff

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