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Master geomodel new monorepo

This MR introduces the External package to build the new GeoModel 'monorepo' (1). It also introduces a new FindGeomodel.cmake module to find the GeoModel libraries and headers correctly.

The MR also removes the earlier GeoModel single-repositories (GeoModelCore, GeoModelIO, GeoModelTools).

This MR supersedes !703 (closed).

The CMakeLists.txt files of the Athena packages using GeoModel packages are expected to be updated in the following way:

  • find_package(GeoModelCore) —> find_package(GeoModel)

A related MR is being pushed to update the Athena packages.


Cc: @akraszna , @tsulaia , @boudreau , @dellacqu , @mbandier , @dcasper

Edited by Riccardo Maria Bianchi

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