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Draft: control digital pins and the Relay_Shield_v3 with labRemote

Matthias Saimpert requested to merge SaclayITk/labRemote:ms_DGTDevComuino into devel

The final goal of this MR is to be able to control the Relay_Shield_v3 with labRemote:

  • extend devcomuino to be able to send pinMode(chan,OUTPUT) and digitalWrite(chan,HIGH/LOW) commands to the arduino (to switch the output of a digital pin from 0 to 5V, this will be the command of the relay). Tested and works.
  • write new classes in labRemote to be able to send these commands on the chosen digital pin: DGTDevice, DGTDevComuino. Include relevant python bindings. Tested and works.
  • write a wrapper RelayShield class to execute actions on the relay shield, potentially including some sort of high-level 'reverseCircuit()' fonction to switch the polarity of a circuit assuming e.g. a H-bridge with exact connections detailed in the class files.

PS: I plan to follow-up on the other MRs soon, trying first to get everything in place for the setup at Saclay

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