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WIP: Simplify the base theme

Philip Elson requested to merge pelson/cara:feature/cara_at_cern_layout into master

Simplify the base theme, removing items that don't exist such as the Expert app, as well as CERN specific information on COVID.

This is a zero change for the CERN theme. For the base theme the following changed:

  • No longer a link to the Expert app (it won't work unless you have set it up appropriately anyway, which we do for the CERN managed instance)
  • Remove the covid information link from the base theme (it is CERN specific, and remains on the CERN theme)
  • Remove the COVID@CERN context form the base theme. It remains on the CARA homepage (which is running the CERN theme)

@gaazzopa - from a theming perspective, this begins the process of not separating "cara.apps" from "cara.apps.calculator". I don't propose needing a theme for both cara.apps and a theme for cara.apps.calculator, and as a result we need to bring the layout/index/etc. into the calculator templates directory (gradually). This is really a reflection of the fact that when you start cara, you are starting cara.apps.calculator, not cara.apps. If we need to do something different in the futrue, we can figure it out then (but I still expect there to be a single theme most likely).

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