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Multiple ventilations

Nicolas Mounet requested to merge develop/multiple_ventilation into master

Allow multiple ventilations into a single ventilation object. Air exchanges rates are summed up and all transition times compiled together. Also added an HVACMechanical class (mechanical ventilation), with an identical model as HEPAFilter for the time being, and AirChange class (for manual input rate). Volume of Room class also changed to float, and various tests added or improved.

Example of use:

vent = models.MultipleVentilation(( models.WindowOpening( active=models.SpecificInterval(intervals_open), inside_temp=models.PiecewiseConstant((0,24),(293,)), outside_temp=models.GenevaTemperatures[month], cd_b=0.6, window_height=1.6, opening_length=0.6, ), models.HEPAFilter( active=models.SpecificInterval(((0,24),)), q_air_mech=500., )))

Contributes to closing issue #18 (closed) (the model part), closes issue #44 (closed), and also resolves comment on merge request !19 (merged).

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