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UI modifications

Luis Aleixo requested to merge feature/UI_feedback into master


  • Move units out of text entry fields. Users enter data in cms rather than m, and can no longer see the error. Especially if they return to a pre-filled form. Suggest: "Room volume (m^3) :" etc



  • Window opening periodicity isn't intuitive and is blocking some sims when frequency<duration and the user doesn't understand why. Duration is fine, but Frequency is actually in minutes not times per period. Suggest: "Periodically (open minutes per hour)" with just one text entry box.

Instead added a tooltip to specify what is duration and frequency. UI value for duration initially set to be 10 and frequency to be 60.



  • Short-range exposure: replaced "Shouting" for "Shouting/Singing" on the UI:


In general there are some modifications to the UI input alignments.

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