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Openshift object resources

Luis Aleixo requested to merge feature/openshift_resources into master

Closes #269 (closed)

Solved the error on OKD4 related to the base theme.


  • Tried to understand the deploymentConfig.yaml file and what were the differences between the cara-webservice and cara-calculator-open configs.
  • The resources tag (and respective values) on the cara-calculator-open were missing on the object template, which means that we will have the default values for the resources requests/limits.
  • Once the resources requests and limits for this object were changed to the correct values, after one rollout the problem was solved.

Reports can now be generated with the base theme.

Additional changes:

  • Took the opportunity to get back the 30 seconds for the terminationGracePeriodSeconds config.
  • Added a restriction for the numpy version, since the latest update were triggering the pipeline to fail.
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