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CAiMIRA infrastructure update

Luis Aleixo requested to merge feature/CAIMIRA_infrastructure into feature/caimira_UI

This MR constitutes an update for project’s infrastructure regarding the new CAiMIRA name + the committs comming from !393 (merged)

The changes are mostly related to the CARA -> CAiMIRA update, either on folders’ names and files’ references. Besides:

  • Updated the GitHub Actions config file
  • Updated the Dockerfiles and respective nginx files
  • Updated all the OpenShift templates
  • Created the OpenShift projects, e-groups, grappa groups and applications
  • Added the new secrets to GitLab CI/CD variables
  • Changed the PROD URL to and PROD URL to




caimira-dev caimira-admin caimira-app-external-access

Application portal:

caimira caimira-test

Old OpenShift projects/groups/applications to be deleted after a while.

Edited by Andre Henriques

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