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Host Immunity Data

Luis Aleixo requested to merge feature/HI_data into master

Added UI and model changes to handle the vaccine effectiveness (VE) data, that is linked to host-immunity of the exposed occupants:

  • primary vaccine data is stored in the data> file in a dictionary.
  • booster vaccine data is stored in the same file, as a list of dictionaries (with first vaccine, booster options and VE values).

There were introduced 4 new inputs:

  • Primary vaccine question (two radio buttons - Y/N)
  • Primary vaccine dropdown
  • Booster vaccine question (two radio buttons - Y/N)
  • Booster vaccine dropdown

Each time the selected value on the primary vaccine dropdown changes, the booster vaccine dropdown is updated. Added as well a logic for the Other option on the latter dropdown, with a warning message being displayed if this option is selected.


When Other is selected:


On the model side, the VE value is associated to the host_immunity property of the exposed population.

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