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New precise activity and break inputs

Luis Aleixo requested to merge feature/ARIA_new_inputs into master

Added new Activity types:


Added a logic to parse new specific inputs:

  • breaks if self.specific_breaks != [] - parse a list of dictionaries with a start_time and finish_time keys - format [{"start_time": "10:00", "finish_time": "11:00"}, ...]. Otherwise keep the traditional logic for the breaks.
  • precise activities if self.precise_activity != {} parse a dictionary with two keys, physical_activity and respiratory_activity - in which the former value is a single string, while the latter is a list of dictionaries, with the keys type and percentage - format {"physical_activity": "Light activity", "respiratory_activity": [{"type": "Breathing", "percentage": 100}, ...]}. The sum of all the respiratory activity percentages should be 100. If self.precise_activity == {}, keep the traditional logic for the self.activity_type.

It was added a logic for data validation for each new input, as well as a test.

These new inputs will be needed once the ARIA project is ready to connect with CAiMIRA model.

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